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Modeling agency reportedly cancels African American model’s contract for going to White House

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The Blexit movement is in full swing and it looks like it will go viral just as the #WalkAway movement has. The left, however, is doing all they can to punish anyone who takes part in it. That can get you fired or cut from contracts as one model just found out.


Zoe Bethel, a beautiful young African American model, just had her contract cut because she attended the White House with conservative Candace Owens at the Young Black Leadership Summit. Political discrimination is alive and well. She was let go simply for supporting President Trump. I guess politics is the new racism. DML Newshas more on this:


An African American model was reportedly cut from her modeling contract after she attended an event at the White House in support of President Donald Trump.


Candace Owens of Turning Point USA posted an announcement on Twitter Saturday afternoon, with photos of herself and Zoe Bethel attending the Young Black Leadership Summit at the White House recently, along with a copy of a message Bethel had just received from her modeling agency.


“This is ABSOLUTELY HORRIFIC,” Owens wrote. “A young woman who attended our #YBLS summit was released from her modeling contract when she got home for supporting @realDonaldTrump and this administration. Political bias is DISCRIMINATION. I am APPALLED at this circumstance. #BLEXIT @BLEXIT.”


The notice to Bethel informing her that she has been cut from her contract reads:

“Hey Zoe, The team has been talking about your political racist connections and we have decided to release you from your contract. We are an agency based on love, acceptance and inclusiveness and your current public persona is not relative to our brand. Best of luck to you! Xx Ursula.”




And from David Harris Jr. more on this injustice:

Zoe Sozo Bethel was one of many young black women who attended the Young Black Leadership Summit during the weekend of October 26-28, 2018. On November 2, she received the following notification from her agency. She’s been “released from her contract” (in other words, “YOU’RE FIRED!) because her agency decided her wearing her MAGA hat and participating in the conference made her irrelevant to the brand she represented.


From Candace Owens.


Wow indeed! How dare she think for herself? (I know, it’s sarcastic) It sounds as if the agency is run by a staff that requires their models to be little more than mindless mannequins. That sounds pretty typical of Hollywood standards, where they parade their stuff on the big screen while pretending to be someone else. This was on her own time, and they just displayed their own racist nature and prejudices, which by its very nature eliminates consideration of facts as a valid measure of a person’s real worth.

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