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HYSTERIA: Jimmy Kimmel Wants Sarah Sanders Fired For Releasing “Doctored Video”


Far-left comedian Jimmy Kimmel is calling for White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders to be fired for releasing what he claims was a “doctored video.”


During a segment Thursday on his ABC show “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” the host began discussing the intense and wild scene that took place at the White House on Wednesday.


When Trump called on him during the news conference, CNN reporter Jim Acosta spent several minutes endlessly interrupting the president and accusing him of “demonizing immigrants.”


Trump responded by saying CNN should be “ashamed” of hiring Acosta and called the attention-driven reporter a “rude, terrible person.”


When a White House intern attempted to grab the microphone from Acosta, the CNN reporter can be seen grabbing it tighter while continuing to yell his questions. The insane exchange resulted in the White House suspending Acosta’s “hard pass,” meaning his press credentials.


After Sanders shared a video of the incident via Twitter on Wednesday, several media figures accused her of sharing a “doctored” video that was false and misleading.


Kimmel echoed this same message, and called for Sanders to be fired.


“She should be forced to resign for that,” Kimmel said. “I mean, she intentionally disseminated doctored video footage to discredit a reputable journalist. She’s the White House press secretary. She should be fired for that. She should be fired.”


Kimmel claimed the video of the exchange with Acosta and the intern was sped up to make it look like the CNN reporter put his hand on her.


“They sped up Jim Acosta’s hand movement to make it look more violent and the part where he says, ‘Pardon me, ma’am,’ — they cut the audio out,” Kimmel continued. “They altered this video and take a look here. It sped up his hand. And the White House press secretary tweeted this video.”


“Jim Acosta clearly never touched that White House intern. That’s just a lie,” he said. “I think this also might be the first time I’ve seen Sarah Sanders take the woman’s side on any subject ever.”


Watch below:


Aside from Kimmel’s unproven allegations against the White House and calling for Sanders to resign, video of the incident appears to clearly show that Acosta did put his hand on the intern.


While he decried on CNN that he never touched her, the video makes it abundantly clear that his statement is untrue.


Below is the full video of the exchange:


In a slow-motion version of the clip, it appears Acosta did drop his hand on the intern’s arm, which looks like an attempt to prevent her from taking the microphone from him.


The clip was uploaded by InfoWars’ Paul Joseph Watson, and was in response to Acosta writing “This is a lie” to the statement from Sanders explaining that the CNN reporter was being suspended.


The clip below is the same was Sanders tweeted out, which Kimmel and others claim is “doctored.”



In case the video does not make it apparent, below are two images from the clip, which show Acosta’s hand clearly on the interns arm.




The issue at hand is not necessarily whether Acosta “assaulted” the White House intern. The White House argued Acosta’s behavior and the fact that he placed his hands on the intern during the exchange led to his suspension.


The problem is that Kimmel, Acosta, CNN, and others are claiming that the CNN reporter never put his hand on the intern, when he clearly did.


And rather than admit that, Kimmel is demanding Sanders resign and groundlessly accusing the White House of using a doctored the video.





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